Service, Repair, and Maintenance

We have several crews (typically 2-members each) dedicated to performing maintenance and repair services.  These crews are dispatched in patch/repair trucks on a daily basis to find leaks, make repairs, flash-in new roof penetrations, and perform roof maintenance projects.  They are trained and supplied to make repairs on all types of roofing systems, including both built-up and single-ply systems.

During times of adverse weather, leak calls are addressed on a first-come-first-served basis, with some adjustments for emergency situations.  We typically respond to leak calls within 48 hours of receiving the call.  We make every effort to send the same crew back to our repeat customers so that they can gain a familiarity with the facilities and the customer’s personnel.

We currently provide on-call maintenance and repair services for a broad spectrum of central Indiana businesses, property managers, and facility managers.  Smither Roofing is also a proud member of RoofConnect, a nationwide network of professional roofing contractors dedicated to servicing national customers.